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Social Responsibility

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has an incredible mix of cultures, religions and people. It is also a city where first and third world live next to each other. While the city is in many ways very comparable to any large city in the first world, there are townships on the outskirts where people live in incredibly poor conditions and struggle every day with things we take for granted.

We feel that as a company it is our responsibility to contribute to the community.

What we do

Since 2010, we have been sponsoring children to study at Westerford High School, one of the most highly-regarded public high schools in Cape Town.

Each Westerford student that we sponsor is one more citizen with better opportunities than before.

What you can do

You come to Cape Town to volunteer (or to improve your English language skills) and to experience Cape Town and South Africa. We provide you with opportunities not only to see the beauty of the city, but also to get to know disadvantaged communities. For instance we regularly provide guided township tours.

If you have the feeling that you would like to help the poor communities we offer the following opportunities:

  • Attend one of our volunteer programmes in the Cape Town area.
  • Participate in the Soup Kitchen.
  • Make a financial contribution towards our scholarship programme or towards the Soup Kitchen.
  • Assist us with projects we organise from time to time like providing food tents, preparing Christmas parcels, etc.

Soup Kitchen

We are a proud supporter of the Quentin Welman Community Foundation Soup Kitchen, which was started in 2009 by Quinton Welman, a local resident. When Quinton died in June 2010, his family took over the soup kitchen and we became involved with this project. The Quinton Welman Community Foundation Soup Kitchen is a welfare organization which feeds over 150 people 3 times a month.

Every second week, we arrange a visit to the Soup Kitchen for which students pay a small fee which goes straight to the project. At the soup kitchen, our clients volunteer their afternoons to immerse themselves in the local community by interacting with and playing games with the local children, or by serving them a hot meal. For most of these children, this will be the only proper food they will have that day.

The Soup Kitchen has become one of the highlights of our Social Programme. For our clients, it is a remarkable experience. And for us, it is wonderful to see what big hearts our clients have!