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How To Fundraise For Your Trip

Fundraising for your trip can be a daunting task, but we are here to help! 

Good Hope Volunteers offers a number of specials for visiting students, so ask your coordinator or agent if there are any specials running that would help you with your trip planning. 

Also, speak to your university or college - perhaps you qualify for scholarships or a volunteering grant abroad. Many campuses have a study assist program with offices at your student administration department. Volunteering can sometimes be awarded credit, so discuss these options openly with your university.

Although travel can be expensive, planning far in advance will help secure the cheapest airfares and most favorable travel times. 

The strength of the US Dollar and the Euro these days means that there has never been a cheaper time to travel to Southern Africa. Budget accordingly, and you could have one of the cheapest and most rewarding experiences of your life! 

Monitor the exchange rates on to find the prime time for currency conversion. 

Speak to your coordinator about options and example budgets that help find a way to allow you to enjoy these once in a lifetime opportunities, without the burden of debt.