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Remembering Magnificence

Meatball… this is for you!

Some 11 years ago your pride broke out of the confines of Namibia’s Etosha National Park. You and your four siblings, just cubs, cowered in the deafening crack of gunfire, bullets silencing the roars of your once majestic pride. 

You and your siblings were saved, saved by a woman who has run with your kind, whose heart has been touched by the plight of the king of cats. Marlice van Vuuren ultimately brought you to a haven…a haven where five lions could peacefully remain in the Namibian bush, where gunfire would never shatter your world again…Namibia Wildlife Conservation

For 9 years you proudly looked over this reserve, your regal countenance striking both fear and awe into the hearts of all those who witnessed your raw power…the power of Africa’s animal royalty. 

Your proud roar no longer echoes over the sanctuary; your glowing mane no longer ruffles in our dry breeze…but Meatball, you will always be our lion king. 

Tragically Meatball succumbed to complications arising from a suspected honey badger bite, and despite numerous efforts to save our brave boy, Meatball gave up his valiant fight on 26 September. 

Rest in Peace majestic, magnificent Meatball. Your spirit will forever linger over Namibia Wildlife Conservation.