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South Africa is open to international travellers!

After a 6-months travel ban, South Africa has finally reopened its boarders for international travellers. 

A type of "traffic light system“ regulates who is allowed to enter South Africa.
Low-risk countries, which show lower infection rates than South Africa, as well as medium-risk countries, may enter South Africa by following certain entry requirements. These include presenting a negative test within 72 hours prior to departure and by undergoing a screening at the airport upon arrival. Furthermore, all travellers are asked to download the COVID Alert app before entering South Africa. 

The list of high-risk countries has recently been reduced to 22 countries and is re-evaluated every second week. Students from high-risk countries are still not allowed to enter for leisure purposes but if you are from one of the countries on that list and would like to volunteer in South Africa, here are three options of how to enter South Africa:

  • apply for a long-term visa, which is usually granted from a duration of 3 months or more
  • make a stop-over in a low risk country for 10 days before entering South Africa, or
  • volunteer in Namibia with us for 2 weeks, followed by volunteering at a project in South Africa. In this case, we can give a reduction of EUR 240 (USD 270) for booking two projects, plus a reduction of EUR 100 (USD 100) if you still arrive in 2020.

With summer just around the corner, the best time to visit South Africa, alongside with spring and autumn, and with South Africa’s Covid-19 numbers being low and decreasing, this is the perfect time to plan your trip.

Over the last couple of weeks, as things have started to slowly get back to almost normal, the so called "new normal", the team at Good Hope Volunteers has been working hard to finalise the list of operational projects for 2021, and we are proud to provide you with a range of 21 truly treasurable projects where you can make a long-lasting impact. The new brochure and price list are now online!

The pandemic has hit many of our projects unexpectedly and in a brutal way. Many, even though they would normally need volunteers so very dearly, have had to cease welcoming them temporarily, and this will probably be the case for as long as the pandemic isn't really totally under control.
At least eight of our beloved projects are on this list and we are patiently waiting for them to open up again.
Others have had to stop operating permanently and that has left us with a deep sadness. 

Many are desperately waiting for the help you can provide with your life-changing attitude, sense of adventure, and willingness to make a difference in a world of children, entire communities, and wild animals.

As always, we offer something for everyone: social volunteering, conservation volunteering, farm stays, adventure projects and medical volunteering.

Take this wonderful opprtunity; come and volunteer with us now!

Vanessa Randon (Programme Manager)
The Good Hope Volunteer Team

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