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Vanessa Randon - GoAbroad Interview

Vanessa has also recently been elected as the Chairperson of Volunteering South Africa, which is a branch of the South African Youth Travel Confederation. In order to promote ethical and sustainable volunteer projects around the country, and together with the Wildlife Trust, set a code of guidelines for projects that have animals in captivity.

She is deeply passionate about the volunteering sector, and hopes that her position within the VolSA community will allow the industry to work towards a more favorable volunteering environment. Where volunteering programs, sanctuaries, social development projects and environmental conservation projects become world leaders in ethical and sustainable travel experiences.

She is also passionate about leading Good Hope Volunteers through a responsible social media responsibility plan in 2019. Focusing on 4 key elements, that are backed by the SAIH in Norway:

  1. To promote dignity in the photos we take and that we encourage our volunteers to share online through all digital channels
  2. To gain informed consent, when using images of others
  3. To question our own and our volunteer’s intentions when it comes to posting media on line
  4. To bring down stereotypes, knowing that our voices echo around the world, and can have a large impact on the world

"In this day and age our influence is far greater than we ever imagined, it is our responsibility to make sure what we do and say adds value" – Vanessa Randon (Nov 2018)

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