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Athlone Children's Home

Centre for Endangered Species

Protecting Children

Welcome to Good Hope Volunteers

We aim to build a better South Africa through a range of community and conservation projects that support those who need it.

If you are willing to lend your time and skills to a volunteer project of your choice, we will use all our expertise and passion to make this an experience of a lifetime for you. During your time in South Africa we will work hard to ensure that you as well as the project benefit the most.

Since 2009, we have been offering volunteer projects in Cape Town, along the Garden Route, in other parts of South Africa and in Namibia. We hope we can convince you, as we did so many others in the past, to make a contribution to build a better South Africa.

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Be passionate about a cause

All of our projects provide services vital to the communities and the environment in which they are based. Volunteers play an integral part in this system, and your help is needed! A portion of your fee goes towards the upliftment of the community or project you're working on, so you get to leave southern Africa knowing you have made a difference!

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Anyone can get involved

We have developed and selected projects which take place in an environment that is suitable for everyone, whether you are a tourist, a solo traveller, a student, or coming as a family.

We offer everything from budget experiences to premium projects. All you need in order to apply is a good command of the English language and be at least 17 years old (minimum age varies depending on the project). Our projects attract volunteers from dozens of different countries, allowing you to make life-long friends from across the globe.

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We will find the right project for you

Applying to Good Hope Volunteers is free! Allow us to walk you through our application process to best determine which projects will be most suitable for your goals and needs.
Videos, details descriptions and testimonials will help you to get the best possible idea which project you would like to assist.

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We come highly recommended

For over 20 years, the Good Hope brand has been creating experiences and supporting students and volunteers from all over the world. We have been actively involved in changing the lives of thousands of students embarking on the adventure of a lifetime through meaningful travel in southern Africa.

We offer a wide variety of volunteer project options

We currently offer nearly 40 volunteer projects in South Africa and Namibia! These experiences range from community-driven social projects to those that focus on environmental and conservation initiatives. We have partnered with causes that offer good value for money and are inclusive of almost all services you’ll require. Not to mention, there is something for every budget. Wherever your passions lie, Good Hope Volunteers will match you up with the right project at a fair cost.

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Find a Volunteer Project by Location

We are passionate about volunteering

Your safety, comfort, and enjoyment are our top priority!  We are an experienced and motivated team with years of practice operating and travelling throughout southern Africa. We are small and flexible enough to meet your personal needs but also large enough to offer you a full range of support services. We will be on hand to help you every step of the way, from visas to airport transfers, accommodation options to advice and around-the-clock, on-the-ground support. This also includes weekly site visits and social activities that will not only enrich your volunteer experience but your time in the country as a whole.

"From start to finish the program had
such an impact on my life and the only down side
I can think of is that I was only there for two weeks.
It was truly an amazing experience..."

Allison from the USA

Allison from the USA

Garden Route Elephant Park

"It was an amazing experience! The children are friendly
and from the first day we learn a lot from them. I loved
doing the volunteer work. The city is vibrant. The project
coordinator does a beautiful job...Somehow I know I
made a difference for the surf boys."

Aline Christina from Brazil

Aline Christina from Brazil

Surfing Smiles

"You’ll start to see the world with a new set of eyes.
If you’re prepared to challenge yourself emotionally
and morally, eager to make a difference and ready
to make life long memories;
then this project is for you!"

Emma from the UK

Emma from the UK

Jeffrey's Bay Kindergarten

"Volunteering in Cape Town was a great experience for me.
The project was amazing and I had many co volunteers
working with me. The children made me smile all the time
and some of them will probably never leave my heart again."

Josephine  from Germany

Josephine from Germany

Athlone Children's Home