GHV Homestay in Cape Town

Why Homestay?

Staying with a host family gives you unique insight into the lifestyle of South Africans. You can learn so much about the country and its people while staying with a local family. Also, South African host families are well known for their friendliness and hospitality. So it’s no surprise that homestay is a popular choice.

Your host could be a single woman, an older couple or a young couple with children. They will provide you with a room with a single bed, a wardrobe and a desk. You also receive breakfast and dinner and share the bathroom with the family.

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In which area of Cape Town will I stay?

As public transport is not as efficient as in many cities of developed countries, we have selected families along the MetroRail line of the southern suburbs. MetroRail is a fast and reliable form of transport and our families are located within walking distance of a station. The southern suburbs are good residential areas where families live in houses with gardens or in apartments.

In addition to the southern suburbs, we also have families in the greater city centre area. Here, families mostly stay in apartments and you take the bus to get around.

What is Homestay-Plus?

If you want to experience more comfort at a host family, we recommend Homestay-Plus. Here you enjoy a private bathroom and a higher standard of living in general.

How do I get to my project?

Depending on the location of your family and the project, you can either travel by public transport or travel to our Volunteer House from where we provide a bus transfer to the projects.

How can I socialise with other volunteers?

At the host family, you will most likely be the only volunteer. To meet up with other volunteers, you can either join the social programme that we organise for our volunteers and language students or visit the other volunteers at the Volunteer House.

Information sheet Homestay/Homestay-Plus

"If you stay in a host-family you have the unique
opportunity to chat with locals, who can explain you the
culture, inform you about the latest news or show you some
special places tourists don't know."

Fluerin from Switzerland

"I am happy with the hospitality, for me this
is the most important aspect of Homestay."

Edgar from Angola