Responsible Travel

The history of Good Hope Volunteers goes back to the mid nineties when we started a language school which also started offering internships and volunteering. 

Our passion is to bring people from all over the world to Southern Africa to share with them the unique beauty, its warm-hearted people, natural wonders and varied wild life. 

By spending many weeks, sometimes even months, in Southern Africa, interacting with its people in a way ordinary tourists never get to do and by getting involved, you will not only make an impact but leave changed yourself. 

We offer a great variety of projects to meet different needs and preferences. Some projects are all about giving to communities, some are about protecting nature, others are about deepening your understanding and appreciation for specific animals or habitats. 

Whichever of our projects you decide in favour, you can be certain that you’ve made the right choice in terms of responsible travel. All projects have a positive impact on their communities or on the natural environment and they would not be able to survive without volunteers. 

Some projects we run ourselves; others we work with carefully selected partners. Where possible, part of your fees are forwarded to the project directly in form of a donation (indicated on the price list). 

We do not support direct contact with wild animals (e.g. cuddling with lion babies) and projects with a commercial focus.

Volunteering can’t compete with a leisure trip to the Bahamas. Yet, it’s an experience of a lifetime that will most probably give back to you much more that what it is asking of you.