How to decide which project to support

We offer a wide range of volunteer projects in Africa, but which is the one for you? Things to consider are the category in which you want to volunteer, e.g. conservation or social volunteering. The region in which the project is located might also be a factor. Minimum age, minimum duration and travel budget are further things to keep in mind.

Our volunteer project filters will assist you in finding the project you like the most, but here are some things to think about:

South Africa, Namibia and Botswana versus other African countries

South Africa and Namibia are countries where there are many volunteer projects where you can make a real difference. Yet at the same time in those countries there are many projects where you can make a real difference, yet at the same time those countries offer a certain level of infrastructure, security and stability, which is difficult to find elsewhere in Africa. So if you would like to volunteer in Africa, but you have never been to Africa before, or if you have only limited experience of third world travel, then South Africa and Namibia are good places to choose. 

Which region is best for me

Is it important for you to be close to a large city with lots of interesting things to do in your free time? If so, look at the volunteer projects in Cape Town and volunteer projects around Cape Town. On the other end of the spectrum there are volunteer projects in other areas of South Africa and Namibia. At these projects your focus will be almost entirely on the volunteering. Larger cities or other places of interest are often far away. A good compromise between the two are our volunteer projects along the Garden Route. The Garden Route is a beautiful coast line popular with local and international tourists. The area is well known as a surfing hotspot and ideal for many other great outdoor sports.

Which volunteer categories are available

Volunteer categories that allow you to make a big impact are nature conservation, social volunteering and medical volunteering.

However we also offer other categories like a farm stay at a South African farm that allows you to learn how to grow organic food. Or you can choose an adventure that includes fun and action but allows you to learn more about nature or society in Southern Africa. These projects you find under voluntourism.

Travel budget

You don’t need to pay to volunteer, but you do need to pay for food, accommodation, transfers, supervision, organisation and so on. You can compare the costs for each project using our price list. We offer volunteer projects for every travel budget. Our prices are package prices. Details of what’s included can be found in the project details. Depending on the project, you can expect additional costs for food and activities during your free time.

Your impact

We offer volunteer projects which allow you to have maximum impact, like working and playing with children from poor communities in day care facilities and on the other end we offer scuba diving courses that increase your understanding and awareness of nature but will not give you a chance to make much of a difference in nature conservation. The extent of your impact is indicated through heart symbols in the project descriptions.

Project details

We provide detailed descriptions of what the project is doing. Give it a good read and decide whether you like what the project is doing and whether you think it’s worth receiving your support.

In the project details, you will also find a detailed description of the volunteers’ role. Although your job might differ depending on your skills and the project’s needs, it will still give you a good idea of what your role will be.

Still not sure?

Tell us about your preferences and expectations, and we can advise you on which project is best suited to your needs.