Volunteering in Africa

Are you interested in volunteering abroad and curious about the continent of Africa? Africa is a fascinating place of great natural and cultural diversity, where you can find some of the last unspoiled natural landscapes and amazing scenery. When going into Africa to volunteer, one of the first decisions to make is which country you want to go to.

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If you haven’t volunteered before and you haven’t travelled to Africa before, you most probably want to volunteer in an environment that is reasonably organized and safe. Good Hope Volunteers is a small, professional organisation that offers volunteer projects in Africa, particularly in Southern Africa, namely in South Africa and Namibia. These countries offer good infrastructure and are quite easily accessible. South Africa is a particularly good entry point to volunteer in Africa for the first time. It is a well-organised country with infrastructure that is in many ways comparable to those of developed countries. At the same time, for historical reasons, there are underprivileged communities that are truly in need of the attention of volunteer organisations.

Africa is a fascinating continent. There is lots that you can give to this continent, but there are also so many things that Africa can give back to you. If you decide to volunteer in Africa, think carefully which country you want to volunteer in, which provider you would like assistance from and which project you want to support. We hope that some of the information given on our website is helpful to you. If you need anything further, please do not hesitate to contact us.