Volunteering in Namibia

Namibia is a fascinating country that cannot be compared to any other. It’s a place to experience wide-open spaces, friendly people, unique heritage and magnificent landscapes. A wonderful place to visit, volunteer and fall in love with the country, Namibia offers a unique adventure in its unspoiled desert sands. Join us and participants from around the world in this amazing nation by choosing from our medical, community, and wildlife volunteer opportunities.

In many ways, Namibia is a little bit like South Africa’s smaller brother. Lots of things are similar or the same, but much of it is more unspoiled, more innocent, purer.

Volunteer Projects in Namibia

In Namibia you have a choice of four main projects. You may also combine most of these projects with and adventure week, where volunteering is combined with sightseeing, adventure and discovering Namibia. Our projects in Namibia are highly popular and will provide you with a great experience.

Volunteer projects in Namibia

Other things to consider


The project organises your accommodation. If your accommodation is not at the project itself, then you will be transferred to work and back every day. At some projects, particularly in rural areas, the accommodation is fairly basic, and is sometimes dormitory-style. This is a great way to meet other volunteers. There are communal areas to relax in after the day. Visit our project list for detailed project descriptions.

During your free time

You will work 5 days a week (6 days in some projects) and have 2 days off. In your free time, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery, or organise trips to local attractions with your fellow volunteers. The projects are all located in well-known tourist areas and there are plenty of things to see and do. Some projects also organise activities and trips for the volunteers for their free time (subject to demand and at an extra cost).

Long-term volunteering

Some projects are registered non-governmental organisations (NGOs). For these projects, it is possible to apply for a Volunteer Visa for up to 3 years. If you are interested in long-term volunteering, then please contact us for more information.


Combine volunteering with an English language course

If you are not a native English speaker, you can combine your volunteering experience with an English language course.

It is important that you can communicate well and understand instructions. This is not only important for your safety and those around you, but also important to make your volunteering experience a great one. 

The minimum English requirements differ slightly from project to project (see project details), but usually a minimum of Intermediate [B1+] is required.

If your English level is not sufficient or you want to brush up your skills, attending an English language course before you start volunteering is a great option. Our sister company, Good Hope Studies, offers a great choice of courses in Cape Town.

Attending a language course before volunteering also allows you to get used to the country - its climate, food and infrastructure.