Good Hope Volunteers Célia from France

„The stay was brilliant, whether it was the "scientific" program or the "outdoor" life. I had the opportunity to put camera traps where we monitor populations of sharks and rays, opportunistic boat-based surveys where we study marine animal populations and their behavior, analysis of the seal population on Robberg, Shark and ray egg case hunting and data management. Being passionate about birds, they gave me the opportunity to do a little work of identifying birds in the estuary. I also had the opportunity to have several lessons on snorkeling and take care of the garden in the township nursery. The people I was able to work with were great and I thank them for these wonderful moments! It was a wonderful experience, I can't wait to be able to return to volunteer!“

Good Hope Volunteers Aied from Kuwait

“I participated in two programs gaining a wide range of experience relevant to numerous species including horses, farm animals, and wildlife was fantastic! Also, the hands-on opportunities allowed me to effectively acquire knowledge while contributing to animal health and conservation which was extremely rewarding. Furthermore, the accommodation and food arrangements were excellent as well even though I volunteered during the pandemic. I would definitely recommend Good Hope Volunteers to anyone who would like to make an impact pertaining to animal welfare or conservation.”

Good Hope Volunteers Ines from Portugal

„This project exceeded my expectations in a way it is impossible to explain. Being able to contribute to a better provision of care for these people made me feel very grateful and fulfilled. Without a doubt, what I liked the most was seeing how small gestures like smiling and hugging makes a difference in these peopl's lives. On a professional level, what I liked the most was to do my first baby delivery and feel all the emotions surrounding it.“


Good Hope Volunteers Jessica from Brazil

"Africa was such an awesome experience for me. Thanks for all the support. All days I remember the children and I really miss to spend my time with them, to wake up and know that I gonna see them and receive their love and attention. This experience was really grateful to me. I want to donate my time and myself to people more and more now. I also gonna get in at a project here in Brazil with a NGO that takes care of children too. So this experience also gave me the necessity to continue helping people. And I hope that I never stop."

Good Hope Volunteers Vanessa from Switzerland

"It was a wonderful experience to assist the teachers in this project. I also learned interesting facts about the culture and life of the people thru the children's eyes. Despite the poor living conditions the children were always full of joy, fun and laughter. The children and the people I spent time with will always be in my heart. I am so glad and thankful that I was able to experience this and I recommend the volunteer project to anyone from all walks of life."

Good Hope Volunteers Jefrey from Brazil

"This kind of programme provides a unique growth. The feedback we have of these lovely animals is indescribable. It is a pleasure to help dogs in everything, we feed them, make them happy in many cases like walking around the Tears and also teach them how to respect people."