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3 reasons to volunteer in South Africa

1. Cultural Diversity

South Africa is very rich in cultural diversity for many reasons, one of them being our freedom to express who we are and where we come from. Hence, we are often referred to as the “Rainbow Nation.” With over 4 different ethnic race groups residing in South Africa and 11 official languages, it is not difficult to see why people who come to this country leave with many so amazing experiences and interesting stories to tell their friends and families. While living and interacting among us South Africans you will learn the different language greetings, taste authentic (delicious) South African food and also experience the different types of hospitality each ethnic group has to offer. Experiencing diverse cultures within one country is a real revelation in the sense that it exposes you to the real world and you are able to experience how so many people with their roots in different countries and religions work together to create such an amazing country. The rich cultural diversity ensures that your trip and time in South Africa will never be boring, the experiences you take back one of a kind and the people you meet forever your lifelong friends. 

2. Our Country in Relation to Other Countries (Physically Speaking)

So for most of you reading this who don’t know where South Africa is, we are at the southernmost tip of the Continent called Africa. Africa is the 2nd largest continent in the world with South Africa being the 2nd richest Country in Africa (fun fact). So what makes South Africa unique in relation to other countries physically speaking? Well for the most part our country is home to some amazing wild life including oceanic wild life with the likes of whales, penguins, dolphins, seals etc. We also have a “Whale Watching Season” which generally happens 3 months in the year. Cape Point in Cape Town is the meeting point of not only international and local people but also the confluence of the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. There are so many amazing places of natural beauty to see from the Valley of 1000 hills in Durban city, to The Kruger Park just outside the city of Johannesburg and to Robben Island in Cape Town where, our iconic hero Nelson Mandela was held during his imprisonment during the apartheid. In 2012 Cape Town was host to one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, Table Mountain. Tourists are able to ride up to the mountain via a cable car or for those who are in to the whole outdoors vibe, hiking up the mountain is also encouraged. 

3. Good Hope Volunteers

Good Hope Volunteers main aim is to build a better South Africa and Africa by working with over 40 different (handpicked) projects that are fully committed to their cause. Some of our projects include Big 5 Rehabilitation, Save the Seabirds, Ocean Conservation, Community Conservation (Caring for the Elderly), Children’s Hospital, Organic Farming, White Lion Rehabilitation and the Monkey Sanctuary. 

15 of our projects are in Cape Town and mainly involve community work, working with kids or working at orphanages and various types of conservation work. Many of our other conservation based volunteering projects happen around the Garden Route, but we also have projects in the Kruger Park area and in Namibia. For our volunteers, we aim to provide an exceptional experience of South Africa and what our beautiful country has to offer. We expect our volunteers to be 100% committed to their projects and in turn we offer 100% support to them. We also encourage our volunteers to try and choose 2 projects one based on conservation and the other on community or working with kids, this ensures that every volunteer who leaves our country, leaves with a sense of fulfillment and pride in what they have accomplished in South Africa. Volunteers are also encouraged to share their various individual gifts and skills when it comes to community conservation and working with children. 

Visiting our amazing country and experiencing what our projects and country have to offer is an amazing feat on its own. We encourage people from all walks of life, from all the world to come and get involved and we promise we won’t disappoint.