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5 Things about Volunteering in South Africa with Good Hope Volunteers

What can you expect when volunteering in South Africa, and with Good Hope Volunteers?

  1. Travel abroad
    Travelling is a great way to explore a country - even your own country. Travelling abroad broadens your horizons and allows to you to experience things you might not normally get to in your daily life. It allows you to see things differently and within a different situation. 
  2. Interaction with locals and local culture
    The local culture of a community is always best experience within that culture. One of the ways to do this is to become a volunteer. Volunteers work directly within local communities or with locals at wildlife conservation projects and get to experience the culture of the people they work with.
  3. Help a community
    Volunteering within a specific field, be it conservation, social or otherwise, helps in some way. Even if it feels small to you at the time, the effects you have on the project you choose can be bigger than you can see.
  4. Learn about yourself
    Helping others often means learning about yourself, and learning to appreciate the differences in life. Volunteers often tell us that they have learnt a lot about who they are and how they relate to others.
  5. Local support coordinator
    Volunteering with Good Hope Volunteers gives you on the ground support. Our head office is based in Cape Town and we have local volunteer support coordinators in some areas that visit and stay in touch with you throughout your stay. Good Hope Volunteers only works with sustainable community development projects and wildlife conservation and rehabilitation centres that do not allow human interaction with wildlife. We do not believe in volunteering for Instagram likes but for the benefit of the projects we offer. GHV is also a member of WYSE Travel Confederation, SAYTC, Year Out Group and IVPA.

The Good Hope Volunteer Team

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