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Adrenaline Activities

If you are Johannesburg or on route to one of our projects up there and have a few days in JHB we highly recommend freefalling, yes we meant highly recommend it. 

SCAD diving is something you can’t pass up. SCAD stands for "suspended catch air device" and it is literally bungee jumping with no strings attached.

At the Soweto Towers in Johannesburg, you can embark on the world's highest SCAD free fall in the western cooling tower, and it looks something like this:

Would you do it? 

Okay so I personally am not sure if I would feel comfortable throwing myself down a high tower. I will however pull out my beanie and winter clothes to go skiing, oh yes, South Africa is not warm sunny weather everywhere. It’s not what we’re known for, but when winter strikes, the snow starts to fall in the colder and higher parts of our country. The Drakensberg Mountains gets covered in snow and the fun begins. This is a great weekend adventure if you are volunteering at our Skating Project in the Valley of a 1000 Hills

After you have climbed Table Mountain, tasted our fine wines and dived with Great White sharks. You still have 2 more to tick of your list.