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International guests and volunteers enjoy a fresh spring day

The fact is, this child doesn’t care, they are just grateful that you are there! They are grateful for the ice cream you bought, the letters written by children their age in Brazil, which you traveled across the world to give to them. They are grateful for a game with balloons, and you taking the time to kick a soccer ball around on the field with them. They are happy you brought the flag of your country, and they are happy to share their songs with you. They don’t mind that they might have to wash the paint off before they get home. And they are thrilled to take this experience home to their parents and boast about who ran fastest, who jumped highest, who kicked the goal in the soccer match, and how they danced and danced and laughed and ran and played.

This is what it felt like last Thursday when Good Hope Volunteers were joined by over 20 volunteers and guests in Hout Bay to enjoy the sun and the camaraderie! And the joys of sharing a simple smile!

Thank you to everyone who came, and the difference you made, the love you showed, and the memories you made with us! We cannot do this without you!

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