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Dream plan and prepare!

2020 is a year when Good Hope Studies and Good Hope Volunteers sees its quarter century anniversary, and our team across the globe and in South Africa were excited to welcome a boom in growth and a surge in the number volunteers arriving into Southern Africa. However, this was not going to be the reality of 2020, and as we all know our countries have all locked their borders in an attempt to protect our populations.

One thing that should never be forgotten is African fortitude, our passion for life and our instinct to survive above all else. Our Continent is blessed with a glorious climate, fertile, rich soil, bountiful natural resources and nations of smiling, friendly and hardworking people. We are creative thinker’s, problem solvers, and a place where the community takes care of each other. Our neighbors live close to us, and we know their names, our children play together and our elders sit together.

However, after centuries of turmoil, we also have a very fragile economic and medical infrastructure. And Africa is feeling anxious at the moment, as we battle the COVID–19 Virus.
With social distancing being the call of the day, this is very uncomfortable for us, but we are also learning new ways of life as does everyone else.

Our Good Hope Volunteers team is working from home, and our projects have temporarily closed to international volunteers, leaving their impassioned staff to pick up where the volunteers left off. This means a mammoth work load for the staff members left at the projects but our commitment to these projects remains even during this time. We are proud of our communities and our governments, and we are more grateful than ever for our international network who keeps us so strong and committed to helping in our communities and to protecting our environment.

It is in these times that we remember our gratitude! We are thankful for you, for your help and encouragement during this time, a time when all sometimes seems dark, the power of friendship and partnership will see us through uncertain times.

Vanessa Randon (Programme Manager)
The Good Hope Volunteer Team

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