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Heritage Day Braai

Heritage Day is an annual public holiday held on 24 September to celebrate the diverse cultures and traditions that make up South Africa. The first Heritage Day was celebrated in 1995 and in the early 2000’s National Braai Day started gaining momentum as a way to celebrate South Africa’s culinary tradition of gathering round a fire to cook. Braaing is such a part of South African culture there are braai festivals, competitions and TV show The Ultimate Braai Master.

With such diverse cultures, and many different traditions, each one has their own ideas of what is required at a classic braai, however, most will agree that boerewors is a staple. This spicy sausage is served in a number of ways - most frequently in a bun with fried onions and tomato relish or with a side of pap and chakalaka. Another favourite is braai broodjies (BBQ sandwiches). These simple cheese, onion and tomato sandwiches are grilled over low coals till the cheese has melted and served straight off the grill.

Heritage Day braais have developed into a culture of its own with gourmet versions braai classics such as boerewors rolls exotics relishes and braai broodjies with artisan breads and a variety of cheeses. In recent years, the no meat movement has lead to amazing recipes such as chargrilled vegetables, hot salads and brown mushroom burgers to name a few. Most braais finish off with roasting marshmallows over the last of the coals.

More than just a way of cooking food, braais connect friends and family over tall stories around the fire and delicious food. Good Hope Volunteers holds braais for volunteers in the Cape Town area at the volunteers’ accommodation or at the Good Hope Studies Newlands Campus. Not only is this a chance to meet other volunteers but a chance to enjoy the smoky flavours of delicious food. 

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