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Heritage Day

What I like most about Heritage Day is the fact that it is a peaceful holiday. It’s not in remembrance of any struggle or pain, but its rather a day when the rainbow nation stands together to celebrate our differences and this beautiful land we live in.

Fondly called “braai day” the smell of wood and charcoal fires hangs about the city, beers are opened, wine is poured, meat is cooked and families and friends use the long weekend, to take a break from it all and welcome in summer. Cooking competitions are held across the country and plans are made for the “festive season”. Sporting events, hiking, beach days and visits to any of our incredible galleries and museums are a MUST!

I spend Heritage Day with my family and loved ones, we always hike in the morning along the ridges of the beautiful Table Mountain, and then we have an early braai (BBQ) where we try new recipes and enjoy each other’s company. We are thankful for the peace and the excitement that all South African’s enjoy!

Unfortunately, with all the doom and gloom portrayed in the media these days, its sometimes comforting to stand with those you love and be grateful for all we have been given. I am grateful for the opportunities this country has given me, for the beauty of the land, the adventure, the kindness of her people and the deeply ingrained optimism every South African has. We all dream the same dream, to be comfortable, well fed, happy, excited, healthy and loved. This is what brings us together, no matter who we are, what language we speak, what color our skin is, or what we believe.

Happy Heritage Day to you!

Yours Vanessa,
Volunteer Manager

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