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Lucky number 3?

President Cyril Rhamaposa stood before the nation on Sunday the 24th of May, promptly at 19:00. He looked like a man with the weight of the world on his shoulders, but it was a burden he looked to carry with great pride and great responsibility. His eyes glistened as he spoke of the nation’s sacrifice over the last 10 weeks of lockdown, he encouraged our positivity and warned us of the upcoming challenges we will be facing. 

The truth is we have not stopped the tsunami from coming, no country has. However, we have given ourselves some time to prepare and to learn. We have put in place countless measures to assist our medical industry with the incoming deluge. And we hope its been enough. Our heroes are going to have a busy couple months ahead of them. But we have done what we can, as one nation.

South Africa moves from Level 4 lockdown to Level 3 lockdown on June 1st 2020, allowing more freedoms to our citizens in the upcoming weeks. Businesses will reopen, personal exercise and movement is once again allowed at any time. Curfews have been lifted, as has the ban on the sale of alcohol. Schools will slowly reopen, and the country will inhale, and wait in wonder what the  next couple of weeks will bring.

There will be struggle, our most vulnerable will now be in more danger than before. With winter settling in, times are going to get much harder. But there is a feeling of hope in the chilly winter air… We have done this together, once again, we have stood side by side as South Africans, race, religion, sex forgotten. We have held hands as the wind blows in our faces, chins lifted, chests forward, eyes closed, and we inhale our fate.

At the end of his speech the president echoed the words of the father of this nation: “At this time, more than any other, we are reminded of the words of Madiba, when he said: “It is now in your hands.”

Every citizen, every man woman and child in this beautiful country now has this responsibility, our choices now will decide the fate of many, and I hope more than ever, that we do what is asked of us…

Vanessa Randon (Programme Manager)
The Good Hope Volunteer Team

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