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Vegetarian Volunteers and Animal Feeding

As we all know Cheetah’s are most certainly NOT vegetarian, and part of your duties is to prepare their feedings.

Sabrina said that as a vegetarian it was hard for her to be involved with the meat preparation everyday. "There were so big pieces of buffalo and cow meat up to 5kg one piece. We need to cut the fat off because the cheetahs don't eat the fat that makes them nauseous." 

Sabrina also mentioned that this was the difficult part but after the preparation she had the opportunity to get on a safari vehicle and feed the Cheetah’s and Lions up close. "After the botchery we could feed the cheetahs and the lions. That was cool to be so close to this wild animals and the drive at the back of an open car was every day fun." 

Most of the meat sourced is done in a sustainable manner and from the local farmers. We as humans have options when it comes to meat alternatives but we cannot offer injured and rescued animals dry food. The animals need the same or similar diet as what they have in the wild in order to go back after recovery. 

As a volunteer in our wildlife & animal projects you will have to touch and cut up pieces of meat, not for your consumption or to vacuum pack and distributed to supermarkets, but for carnivores. They need the meat to recover, and this is our little extra help in the bigger picture of saving our planet and all the animals.