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Working with Earth and Animals

Farming is undergoing a radical change within the younger generation. No longer seen as a poor person’s lot in life, millennials and ‘Generation Z’ youngsters are leaving their city careers and turning to farming, as well as bringing all their tech savvy know-how with them. Chinese internet sensation Liziqi gave up her city life to return to her grandparent’s farm. She started making videos of her mostly traditional Chinese cooking and branched out into videos of her making everyday items for her garden and house. She now has millions of subscribers on YouTube and an inspired fanbase. Liziqi is one of a growing number of millennials changing the way people view working with the earth and animals in agriculture and at home. 

Africa, in particular, is seeing a huge change in how people view farming. Calling themselves “agripreneurs” and armed with the latest technology and apps, they aim to change not only how farming is done but also empower local communities. With vast stretches of uncultivated arable land, sunshine and a vision for the future, millennials are keen to change and develop Africa’s agriculture, creating economic growth and stability.    

In South Africa, Nezisa Sogoni at the age of 28 gave up an IT position in the city to start a chicken farm. While starting the farm did have some challenges, Sogoni now has a successful farm and two full-time and three part-time employees with plans to extend her enterprise. Like Liziqi, Sogoni also wants to develop her community and local economy. Another farmer looking to change the face of farming is Farmer Angus. Farmer Angus returned to farming after passing up a promotion while working in London. His farm at Spier practices regenerative agriculture which builds up the soil quality resulting in better crops and pastures for grazing animals. 

Good Hope Volunteers has farm experience projects - Wine Farm Experience and Family Dairy Farm Experience. The Wine Farm Experience project is a family-run boutique wine estate that has successfully grown in size and reputation since its beginnings in 2008. They also assist the historically disadvantaged local community by constantly helping community members to participate in the local economy. The Family Dairy Farm Experience project is a family-run dairy farm that has successfully grown from its original mixed-agriculture and milk production activities to a highly popular farmstall and coffee shop offering a wide assortment of produce for retail and in-house consumption, plus an established horticultural seedling and plant retail nursery.

If you are interested in experiencing farming or working in agriculture but are unsure of what is involved, volunteering at one of our farm experience projects is an ideal way to test the waters. Please contact us for more information. 

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