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Joining the Year Out Group

Good Hope Volunteers is proud to announce our newest partnership with the Year Out Group. Year Out Group (YOG) is an association of approved gap year providing organisations around the world. YOG provides young travelers with well researched, well-structured and well-advised project options and advice on what to do, where to go and who to work through.

YOG describes experiences for “… young adults taking time out between school or college (or during holidays) and higher education or employment, or between higher education and a job. Many have opportunities for families, the retired and those on career breaks.  Such programs are educational in a broad sense and include, for instance, courses, instructor training and cultural exchanges, expeditions, volunteer work, structured work placements...”

Unfortunately, the international youth tourism sector has been plagued by less than perfect organisations trying to take advantage of young people as they search for something to do during their gap year or while on vacation. Many organisations around the world have been investigated and found guilty of non-ethical approaches in the travel and volunteering industry, from working in environmental sectors to working with children and in communities. As there is a large amount of money in this industry, a desperate need for programme oversight was established.

YOG has cemented themselves as a European leader in the youth tourism sector. The projects that they support have been audited correctly, and they have shown themselves to be ethical, sustainable and offering a wide variety of incredible experiences.

Good Hope Volunteers is proud to be part of the Year Out Group family, to have their stamp of approval is another reason why our organization in South Africa is fast becoming one of the most trusted volunteer organisations in Southern Africa. We offer projects that meet international standards and criteria to attract the very best young travelers, hoping to enjoy everything this stunning continent has to offer.

The Good Hope Volunteer Team

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