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Blue Flag Beaches

Beaches with Blue Flag status are those that have met the strict criteria set by the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education), an international non-government, non-profit organisation started in France in 1985. Blue Flag status is awarded for environmental awareness, safety, educational programmes, and accessibility of a country’s beaches. This includes water quality, environmental impact, and safety services available at the beach. Blue Flag status is seasonal as beach safety is related to the number of qualified lifeguards on duty, availability of life saving equipment and emergency plans in place. You can check the current status of any awarded beach on the Blue Flag website. Blue Flag status requires continued commitment to the principles set by the FEE for local authorities and beach operators. The FEE also encourages the support of sustainable developments in which the public play a key role, for example, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  Marinas and (tourist) boating activities are also able to receive Blue Flag status.

South Africa has 46 Blue Flag beaches along the Cape Peninsula and up the east coast. A number of those beaches are within easy access from our projects such as our Surfing with Kids project which is close to Santos beach in Mossel Bay. The accommodation for our Jeffreys Bay Kindergarten is close to Dolphin beach and many great surfing spots like Kitchen Windows.

Awesome beaches are directly linked to ocean conservation, as clean, protected oceans mean beautiful beaches. Ocean conservation isn’t just about keeping plastic and pollution out of the water, it includes the study and protection of marine life - the plants and animals that make up the underwater ecosystems that are our oceans.

Good Hope Volunteers’ Ocean Conservation project is dedicated to marine conservation through research and education. If you would like to participate in this project, or any of our other projects, send us an email.

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