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Jeffrey's Bay Kindergarten

The project centres around a nursery school for disadvantaged children. The project provides education and stimulation and relies on basic aids to teach the children and provide an educational experience for them. The project is located in Jeffrey's Bay where you can have fun on the beach and enjoy surfing in your spare time.

Jeffrey's Bay Kindergarten
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Location Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa
Duration From 4 weeks
Dates This project is closed during school holidays and public holidays
  • You must have an upper intermediate level of English
  • Special skills: You need to be energetic and playful and ready to participate actively
Minimum Age: 18
Your impact
Documents required Enrolment form, curriculum vitae, letter of motivation (please stipulate hobbies & interests; a referral from a previous employer or from the university you are attending), passport copy, proof of medical insurance, police clearance certificate
Day of arrival Sunday
Day of departure Sunday


  • Bring joy and make a difference to the lives of the children. 
  • Get to know diverse South African cultures.
  • You volunteer during the mornings. In the afternoons, you are free to explore the town or enjoy an organised activity.
  • Jeffrey’s Bay is a popular tourist destination and attracts many surfers wanting to experience its famous and amazing surfing spots. It is full of young people and perfect for anyone who loves travelling.
  • Enjoy many of the adventurous activities on hand such as beach horse rides, surfing, stand up paddling, sand boarding, etc.
  • Experience dolphins and breaching whales during the whale season.
  • Take part in amazing tours, safari daytrips and excursions on offer.
  • Make new friends from all over the world.

Project Information

Jeffrey’s Bay is situated in the Eastern Cape Province, about an hour’s drive southwest of Port Elizabeth. Once a sleepy fishing and surfing village, Jeffrey’s Bay is one of the fastest growing towns in South Africa. Jeffrey’s Bay is a popular tourist destination largely because of its fantastic surfing opportunities.

It is the home of the annual Jeffrey’s Bay Winter Fest which includes Stop 6 of the World Surf League Championship surfing competition. This international event attracts the top professional surfers from all over the world and many tourists as well.

Not only is surfing an attraction, but also the opportunity to enjoy many beach and sea related sports.  Boat based whale and dolphin watching is very popular, especially during the months of July to September when migrating whales come to birth in the bay.  Surf lessons, beach horse rides, stand up paddling and sand boarding are all part of Jeffrey’s Bay offerings.

The Jeffrey’s Bay Kindergarten project is located at a township called Ocean View in Jeffrey’s Bay. The project is a crèche for children between 0 and 6 years. There are 2 adults caring for up to 50 children thus the need for extra hands is obvious.  The project is in a two-roomed zinc and wood building in the garden of the owner. The building has electricity, toilets and a kitchen. The outside area is mainly concrete and a small patch of grass. There is no outside play equipment.

Your Role

Monday – Friday, from 08:30 – 13:00.

A possible work schedule could be:

You are expected to be involved with the children - playing with them daily, assisting them with basic educational activities and keeping them occupied during this time. You will be dropped at your project at 08:30 to begin preparation for breakfast or to play with the children while other staff members prepare breakfast. Thereafter, you help with feeding the children and cleaning up afterwards. Then there is time for some creative activities which involves helping the children to manage crayons, cutting, gluing, etc. At 12:30, most children take a nap. Usually your day ends at 13:00.

Other possible activities might be that you take the kids for a walk on the beach or take them on an outing.

General role: You need to play with the children, keep them entertained, help the staff members with the daily running of the school, assist teachers with all activities and be innovative with ideas of new games to teach children.

Please note that there is no donation included in your fee and therefore any arrangement to spend money on the project other than your time and energy is completely at your own discretion. 

It is important to note that this description serves as an example only. The daily tasks and challenges depend on the volunteer and the work that needs to be done. The final job description can therefore vary substantially from the above.


Your accommodation is about 2km away from the project. There is a daily transfer to the project and back.  You will stay at the Island Vibe Backpackers in the main building close to reception and the bathrooms. The backpackers is full of young travellers and located on the beach front so there’s plenty of opportunity to make friends and take part in the activities on offer. Bedding will be provided. Laundry is available for R50 for 3kg or less and R16 per kg thereafter. WiFi is available.


Ladina from Switzerland


"I enjoyed the time in Jeffrey's Bay and the work in the kindergarten in the township. It was so interesting to see how they work, play and interact with the children, because in Switzerland, where I am a primary teacher, it is a different experience to my 'normal' work at home. I had a very warm welcome everywhere I went and I was sad to leave the project. The things I liked the most were the moments in the morning when I entered the kindergarten and all the children were running to me and saying “good morning” to me. Thank you, that you made this experience possible for me!"

Rocio from Argentina


"I will always remember my days in the kindergarten with affection; how the kids got excited when you arrived in the morning, their laughter when they played and their smiles when you learned their names. In the four weeks I have spent there I learned a lot about and from the kids. I miss waking up every day feeling happy, knowing that I would spend the day with them. I am so glad and thankful that I was able to experience this and I truly recommend the volunteer project."

Pedro from Brazil


"Working in Jeffrey’s Bay Kindergarten was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Every morning we arrived at the kindergarten, and we're welcomed with more than 50 little smiles. Being able to teach and play with the kids, to help organizing the kindergarten, and to work with Lungi and Michael was simply incredible. Awonga, Siyavuya, Lethu, Onentando, Mbali, Nisha, Asenathi, Ibonge, and all the kids in the kindergarten, thank you for everything, you are all amazing, and will always be in my heart and memory."

Daphne from Brazil


"I have no doubts that working with those children in the kindergarten really impacted my life. I am from Brazil, and here we are tired to listen about social and economic inequalities and how it affects people’s lives but going there and seeing this with my own eyes was completely another thing. During my stay, I realized how education and care can influence in a person’s life and it made me really sad seeing some kids in the neighborhood that were alone in the houses or in the street.

But I was really happy to see how the teacher, Nicolin, worked hard to do the best for the kids, not only playing with them and giving them food but also doing some activities so they could learn things and continue it after. Another thing that touched me a lot was seeing how happy and lovely the kids were with me and the other volunteer, always hugging and kissing us. In my last week I was really sad because I wanted to stay there and help more but unfortunately it wouldn’t be possible so my family and I decided to help a little girl, Iminathi, and her family, so at least we could change one life. I talked to her mother and she lives in a really bad economic situation, besides being a single mom and having the same age as I (19 years old), so we will pay for Iminathi’s education. 

I'm really grateful for Good Hope Volunteers team for all the hospitality (the Island Vibe hostel was amazing, with wonderful people and really great food) for offering me this opportunity. This was the first time of my life that I actually feel "useful" for somebody and to a cause because I believed I changed one person’s future at least."

Aline from Switzerland


"It's incredibly hard to find the right words to describe the best experience of your life. It's been an indescribably amazing, fulfilling and unforgettable time in Jeffrey's Bay. My gratitude-storage is more than filled up thanks to all the loving hugs and kisses. I can't wait to come back and see these gorgeous little human beings again!"

Njomza from Switzerland


"I really put my whole heart into this project and I enjoyed every second with this kids. When I arrived in Jeffrey's Bay, I thought that 2 months would be too long to stay there. After 2 months, I wasn't ready to leave this place. I felt in love with everything in this small town. The people were amazing, everything was very well organised and the kids from the daycare were just the best thing that happened in my life so far. I felt in love with their big eyes and their real smiles from the first second I arrived in the Kindergarten. Everybody talks about trying to change the childrens life as a volunteer, but to be honest, the children were the ones changing my life. I wish I had some more time to spend in Jeffreys Bay. But anyways, I'm sure, I will come back to this lovely town and go and visit the Kindergarten and of course my baby, Mpho! Thank you for everything GHV, you did a great Job!"

Maline from Switzerland


"I loved to be there, I felt like I'm home, in my second home. The kids taught me so much: That you don't need much to be happy, just love. The smile in their face when they played, or you did something that they like...this smile gave me the feeling to be important. I really loved to work there...thank you very much!" 

Emma from the UK


"The pleasure of volunteering with children is that you soon realise the early mornings, hard work and all those sticky fingers are all you can think about! The endless smiles and laughs make it all worth it.

Whether you intend on working with children in the future or not, you will find this experience unlike any other. You’ll learn to enjoy and appreciate the simple things you take for granted. You’ll realise that prejudices and preconceptions are truly detrimental in life.

You’ll start to see the world with a new set of eyes. If you’re prepared to challenge yourself emotionally and morally, eager to make a difference and ready to make life long memories; then this project is for you!"

Andréia from Brazil


"As soon as I read the description of the program "Jeffrey's Bay Kindergarten", I felt in love with the project and in that moment I was really sure about what I was desiring...I thought I would be able to give love and hope to those needy children from 2 to 6 years old but when you live this experience, you realize that it is the opposite!!

Even in the first visit, you are greeted with many hugs and soon you find yourself involved with them, to the point of feeling a kind of "sadness" on Fridays because you know that over the weekend, your routine with them will be paused. The exchange of affection is very intense. Despite the difference of language (they don´t speak English yet), they know how to give you love and teach you the value of each small gesture of affection. 

And Jeffrey's Bay is an amazing city, with a perfect view to the ocean. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can find a lot of dolphins in the morning through your window ! Incredible !! And all the staff at Island Vibe were extremely kind and they make us feeling at home.

We also have the opportunity to join in another volunteer project that occurs only on Mondays at J-Bay: the Recycling Project, which encourages children to separate recyclables material and exchange them for food, clothing, etc ... Another brilliant initiative!

Well, all this describes only a small parcel of what is being there! Only those who go through this experience can understand the real meaning of what I´m saying and that is why I really recommend and support all those who want to live it!"