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Gardening Goodness

In our recent Urban Parks post, we spoke about the effects of parks and public gardens in cities and how these green spaces benefit the people that live city lifestyles. Along with a growing number of green spaces in urban city planning, there is also the increase in people opting for less stressful lifestyles by leaving the city all together and working in the countryside either as remote workers or changing their careers completely and taking up farming.

However, not everyone has the option of “escaping” the city, as their career choices may require city living or they may need to consider schools and universities for their children. In recent years there has been a rise in allotments which provide city dwellers with a space to garden and grow fresh produce. Growing hand in hand with allotments is green therapy and green prescribing - both of which use gardening, gardens and parks to help with health issues ranging from physical injuries to stroke rehabilitation and depression. Doctors and medical professionals are seeing improvements in patients with as little as two hours a week

Our Urban Farming project offers allotments where locals can grow fresh produce. As the project is 100% organic with sustainable practices, the farm provides seeds, seedlings and natural fertilizers. In addition, there are workshops and mentoring available for allotment holders. Volunteers at our Urban Farming project not only make friends, learn skills and gain knowledge of gardening, they also enjoy the mental benefits of working with soil and plants.

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