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Here are our top 10 most memorable moments of 2018

  1. We have welcomed over 350 volunteers through our doors this year. A record-breaking year, which proves we are growing and moving in the right direction with the right ethos, the right people and the right projects that make a true and memorable difference to this part of the world.
  2. We have gained over 2300 Instagram followers and over 3700 Facebook followers. Our content is inspiring and full of life and colour, and the world is responding to it.
  3. We have hired Bridget Stallkamp as our new Western Cape Support Coordinator, and she has breathed new life and success into the support and kindness we share with our volunteers here in Cape Town. Organised, caring and inspired, she has made a valuable and memorable difference to this programme.
  4. Our Programme Manager, Vanessa Randon, is the head of "Volunteering South Africa". An organization which directs and oversees the volunteering projects around the country. This organisation is a leader in social development and animal conservation volunteering, and sets the standard in national and international volunteering proving once again that Good Hope Volunteers has the knowledge and experience to become world leaders in volunteering.
  5. We have opened Botswana as a new destination for volunteering, and hope that we can spread the wonderful work we do across many more borders!
  6. We have 2 new South African projects this year and are ready to promote these projects for 2019. The Urban Farming project – a unique and exciting way to discover organic farming within the city walls. And the Nyanga Upliftment Project which supports the township community in Nyanga, Cape Town.
  7. We have upgraded our Volunteer House with a new and freshly designed kitchen for Cape Town based volunteers. Keeping us up to date and our in-house accommodations becoming the "place to be" in Cape Town.
  8. We have hired 2 new Garden Route support coordinators. Laura Fotheringham in Plettenberg Bay and Candice-Lynne Barker in Jeffrey’s Bay. This makes Good Hope Volunteers the largest and most well supported volunteer agency in the Garden Route where our volunteers are carefully supported, loved and inspired.
  9. We are off the grid! Our water system and our greening projects have been designed to protect, reuse, and renew our natural resources. Keeping us green has become a major part of Good Hope Volunteers. It’s an ideal we share with all of our volunteers and partners, ensuring we are all committed to doing our part for the environment.
  10. At a rough estimate, our volunteers and our volunteering programme support 40 projects, nearly 2000 vulnerable children, nearly 5000 wild and domestic animals in need and hectares of land that can be developed, used to grow food and build communities.

All in all a job well done, and a massive thank you to you all who made 2018 a year to remember. With this in mind, as I write this... 2019… We are coming for you!

Good Hope Volunteer Team

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