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Spring in Cape Town

We have had quite a year, with the effects of El Nino and climate change, delaying the rain and increasing heat over the Southern Hemisphere. The Western and Eastern Cape has recently and finally felt relief from a very intense drought, and rain has quenched the dusty soil. Birds and animals and insects are out again, after having sheltered from the cold all winter and we are reminded of how much we depend on the earth and how much we take for granted.

It was with this in mind that we searched the city for an educational and sustainable farming project to support. That can remind us of where our food comes from, how plants, vegetables and flowers can be nurtured and grown even within the city limits. And how we can encourage all that live within the city can act together to feed our citizens, educate our children on nutrition and the value of healthy living and of course brighten the city for others.

We were privileged enough to visit our Urban Farming volunteering project recently and were in awe of how the garden and the land had exploded to meet the sun. The colors were fantastic, the smells were strong and sweet and the cool breeze blowing across the fields were awe inspiring.

Our Urban Farming project is aimed at all international and local volunteers who would like to get their hands dirty, learn about the environment and educate future generations of where their food comes from, alternatives to the meat industry, and how to care sustainably for domestic food allotments. Its available for half days and full days, and is accessible by public transport easily and safely. It’s a wonderful way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, and the program always welcomes volunteers coming with ideas of how to add value to this project.

Happy Spring day everyone! Come join us in the sun!

Yours Vanessa,
Volunteer Manager

To be part of our amazing volunteer community, please contact us.