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What are SDGs?

SDG stands for Sustainable Development Goals. In 2018 the United Nation identified 17 areas of society and the environment that can, and should, be improved for the start of a better world and society for everyone by 2030 - which is only 11 years away. These 17 goals include not only environmental issues but also societal issues such as health, poverty and inclusion. The SDGs are not the end goal, but rather a starting point from which society can create sustainable environments for all.

Good Hope Volunteers has selected 12 SDGs that we feel we can assist in creating awareness of, and where we can have an impact both as an organisation and as individuals. Every month we are going to introduce one of the 12 SDGs selected, as well as a way in which you can help in your daily life. Small changes can have a big impact when everyone is working toward the same goal.

Michael Green has an informative TED Talk where he presents our current standing regarding the SDGs, our improvements and where we need to do better. He also talks about the importance of all countries making process in all SDGs and not only focusing on the "easy" attainable goals.

Good Hope Volunteer Team

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