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Community & Wilderness Outreach

This unique project is actually a variety of various projects focused on wildlife and domestic animal education, equine-based learning, social empowerment, development and sustainable tourism. It also offers support programmes and educational outreach activities in the hopes to create a social change for the betterment of the country, its wildlife and people.

Community & Wilderness Outreach


Location Tuli Block, Botswana
Duration From 4 - 12 weeks
Dates All year round (closed at Christmas time)
  • You must have an Upper Intermediate level of English
  • Special skills: You should be physically fit and love the outdoors. You should have a positive attitude as well as respectful and sober habits
Minimum Age: 18
Your impact
Documents required Enrolment form, curriculum vitae, letter of motivation, passport copy, driver's licence (manual or automatic), proof of medical insurance
Day of arrival Monday
Day of departure Monday


  • Volunteer closely with women and children in rural community villages.
  • Interact with local people and wildlife in Botswana.
  • Assist in wildlife conservation and educational projects.
  • Enjoy nature and this beautiful wilderness area of southern Botswana.
  • Experience rural life, gain practical experience and learn new life skills.
  • Be part of a social-change program aimed at improving this area of Botswana and all that live there.
  • Take part in amazing excursions in and around Botswana & South Africa.
  • Make new friends from all over the world.

Project information

This project is a small, owner-operated consulting organization working closely with various wildlife, environmental and humanitarian organizations all around southern Africa and abroad. They are a non-profit company, and their outreach projects are entirely of a charitable nature.

The project, in partnership with other conservation and community organisations, is based on a wildlife reserve and is working with surrounding community villages, facilitating wildlife education, social development, women’s empowerment as well as assisting in wildlife conservation projects in the area.

Your role

You have the opportunity to be involved in various aspects of the project:

  • Teaching/assisting in community education and outreach projects (Day care Centre for orphaned youth, Environmental Education and Life Skills Initiatives in schools)
  • Assisting with wilderness experiences or safaris (e.g. logistics support and guest relations)
  • Assisting in new project planning and implementation
  • If applicable, assisting in veterinary outreach
  • Assisting in social media exposure to raise support for the projects
  • Sharing your valuable skills like cooking, yoga, primary health, massage etc.
  • ... and much more!

The work can be physically demanding and at times the days will be long and hot, especially in summer, so you should be relatively fit and willing to work in a team. Your working hours depend on how busy the projects are and the daily happenings. Be flexible and enthusiastic and see everything as an opportunity to learn, grow and a great experience!

Usually you will have one day off a week for rest and sometimes, if all duties are done for the day, you might be able to take an afternoon off too.

It is important to note that this description serves as an example only. The daily tasks and challenges depend on the volunteer, the time of the year, and the work that needs to be done. The final job description can therefore vary substantially from the above.


Two types of accommodation are offered (depending on availability and time of year):

  • Safari tent
  • Volunteer room

The accommodation is basic but comfortable and you will share your space with other students (most of the time 2 people in one room/tent). Bathrooms are shared. You have access to a kitchen to prepare your meals and there is a lounge area for relaxing. Your evenings will be spent at your own leisure. There are plenty of books to read and if you want you can bring your own laptop and movies. There are normally 2 (with a maximum of 4) volunteers at the project, depending on the season. The area has cell phone reception which enables you to stay in touch with friends & family. Internet access is also possible in town on your weekly shopping trip or you can purchase data through your own mobile devices i.e. cell phones, 3G modems and laptops. Please treat your accommodation and all the items in it respectfully as if it were your own.