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Teaching Centre

This is an early intervention literacy programme. It supports children who are at risk in learning to read. To do this, the programme focuses on language enrichment, offering extra help and remedial assistance to children. This project runs during school hours but volunteers can choose to assist directly in the school as well.

Teaching Centre
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Location Cape Town, South Africa
Duration From 2 weeks
Dates This project runs from 2 Apr - 6 Jun, 9 July - 20 Sept, 1 Oct - 4 Dec 2019. 2020 the project runs from 27 Jan - 8 Mar, 1 Apr - 7 Jun, 8 July - 13 Sept, 1 Oct - 29 Nov.
  • You must have a high intermediate level of English (please complete our English test on
  • Special skills: It is an advantage to have worked with children before and to be confident with two-on-one and one-on-one interaction with children. Emotional maturity is a pre-requisite
Minimum Age: 18
Your impact
Documents required Enrolment form, curriculum vitae, letter of motivation, passport copy, proof of medical insurance, police clearance certificate
Day of arrival Thursday
Day of departure Saturday


  • Work with lovely children in a structured and welcoming environment.
  • Leave a lasting impact in the lives of the children you work with.
  • Slogan “Words can change Worlds” – encourage children, parents and communities securing a better education for children.
  • Help in creating a nation of readers, seeing how each individual child develops.
  • Receive on site support from the centre manager.
  • Experience amazing tours and adventures in and around Cape Town.
  • Make new friends from all over the world.

Project Information

Many parents and caregivers choose to send their children to inner-city schools, far from where they actually live, in the hope of them receiving a better education. English is usually the language used to teach in these schools and is, for most children, a second language. Larger classes add to the challenges of children whose below the norm literacy levels put them ‘at risk’.

The teaching centres provide individualised support to children to strengthen their English reading, writing and speaking skills. These children are chosen based on their level of need and the level of competency the volunteers can provide.

This project also brings benefits for the whole school, not just for those children who attend this programme. Classrooms with young learners are also equipped with multi-cultural, age-appropriate storybooks to promote a culture of reading throughout the school. 

Using the slogan "Words can Change Worlds", the Teaching Centre successfully encourages children, parents, schools and communities to work in partnership at a critical stage in early childhood development in order to secure a better education for these children.

Your Role

Depending on which Teaching Centre you are placed in your roles and responsibilities could vary. In general, your work schedule is from Monday to Friday, from ± 08:30 – 12:00 or 14:00.

A possible work schedule could be:

± 08:30 – 12:00:

  • Arrival at the centre and assist the centre manager to set up for the day. You may also assist teachers in a resource class in the school. You help and identify and fetch the scholars which need extra care and attention.
  • Assist scholars one on one or in pairs for the first and second hours of the literacy sessions.
  • Help return children to their classes, gather materials for the second session.
  • Help teachers/centre managers put materials away and clean up.
  • Help teachers/centre managers with administrative work, organising and creating resources and photocopying.
  • You possibly assist with training, assessment and parent workshops depending on the time of year
  • You always assist in keeping the centre clean.


  • Volunteers who would like to stay longer or to assist teachers in a much more rigorous environment can work directly with teachers and staff in the resource classes. These classes take volunteers who are motivated, encouraging, and who have a positive attitude. Some volunteers also ask to be involved in after school activities and sport. But this would vary depending on each candidate.

The centre runs a parent workshop on some Saturday mornings, and all volunteers are welcome and invited to participate.

It is important to note that this description serves as an example only. The daily tasks and challenges depend on the volunteer and the work that needs to be done. The final job description can therefore vary substantially from the above.


You will live at the Volunteer House. It is a private house in an upmarket residential area and consists of rooms with 2 single beds and 2 bunk beds. There are 4 bathrooms to share, a communal kitchen, a dining room, a lounge with TV and DVD and a beautiful garden with a swimming pool. A commercial laundry service is close by. Bedding is provided. Towels will be not provided. In addition to the self-catering option, you can order homemade lunch and/or dinner which are delivered on a daily basis.


Olivier from the Netherlands


“Volunteering at the Teaching Center was an unforgettable experience! To be able to help all those wonderfully enthusiastic children is a once in a lifetime experience. Besides it being a great time it was also very educational for both, the children and myself, definitely a recommendation! Thank you for giving me the chance to work in the Teaching Center, I had a great time! I hope this crisis will take a minimal toll on Good Hope and that you can get back to business as usual asap! I wish you all the best and a healthy year!”

Sophia from Germany


"Working as a Good Hope Volunteer in Cape Town has been the most valuable experience of my life. I volunteered as an English tutor for the Teaching Centre at a Primary school in Bo Kaap and I have never encountered such gratitude from children for receiving education. Working there has deepened my understanding for the necessity of accessibility to good education for everyone. The children I taught had such beautiful dreams and goals for their lives and projects like the Teaching Centre help them to obtain the tools and skills needed to fulfill their potential. My volunteer work with Good Hope has shown me what path I want to choose for myself and resulted in my wish to work for a NGO one day. During my time at the project, I met a lot of inspiring people and learned a lot about myself (my interests, what matters to me etc.). I also learned how to take initiative in order to contribute as much as possible."

Marisa from Switzerland


"My stay in Cape Town was breath-taking and unique. The teamwork with the teachers at the Primary School was very pleasant and it was very inspiring for me to support the kids in their learning.
The staff of Good Hope Volunteers is very helpful and make sure that you feel entirely comfortable from the very first day. The organisation also offers various free-time activities where you can get to know other students and volunteers as well as the culture and nature of South Africa.
The time in Cape Town is and will remain unforgettable for me.
It is truly the most amazing experience I've ever had in my life. THANK YOU!"

Shana from Switzerland


"I did volunteer for 6 weeks at the Teaching Centre. These six weeks were unbelievable and I learned a lot about the education system of South Africa. It was so lovely to spend time with these children and I will go there for a visit again. In my free time I did a lot with my housemates. I lived in the student house and met a lot of people from all over the world."

Celine from Germany


"I think this project is a very good opportunity to show the children a different way of life. A life that provides learning, people who care about them and activities that allow them to be successful. Cape Town gave me a perspective of what's real and what's not real. I'll go back to Germany with a new awareness of myself. The work with the children gave me a lot of new experiences that I will never forget. Since my first day at the project, I fell in love with their big brown eyes and their real smiles even if life isn't that easy for them. I really put my heart in this project to show them that there are people who care and believe in them. Thank you GHV for this experience and this amazing two month in Cape Town!"

Camila from Brazil


"It was very enriching to participate in and get to know a little bit more about education in South Africa. The children are great and the project supervisors are very welcoming and thankful that we are there to help them."

Idarosa from Italy


"I really enjoyed this volunteer experience, the children were enterprising and I'm grateful to have worked with them. It was interesting to observe their psychology and their ideas. It was also an opportunity to improve my English. I met a lot of people from around the world and it was awesome. I think this kind of experience can change a bit of yourself."

Giulia from Italy


"My experience couldn’t have been more rewarding, I spent my time following learners either during remedial classes or during extra activities such as the astronomy group and gardening. The environment of the school is extremely friendly, everybody is always happy to help, answer any question or just spend some minutes with you chatting in front of a cup of tea. It really gives you the possibility to work in a multicultural environment where you can learn so much about the South African culture. Children are always enthusiastic to take part to any new activity, they are full of joy, curiosity, kindness no matter their personal and family situation which is often difficult and disadvantaged. I could not imagine a better way to get involved into the South African community, you can really see and try to understand the situation of some people in this beautiful country that has still a long road to do at which you can give your personal contribution. It has been a touching and beautiful experience that I will never forget. Thanks Good Hope Volunteers!"

Alexandra from Germany


"I really enjoyed my volunteering work at the Teaching Centre. It was an awesome way to experience the daily life of South African children and teachers. You spend a big amount of time with the children and get to know their interests as well as their strengthens and weaknesses. What I loved the most was that the children were very trustworthy. If they had a problem, they ask for your help. I loved encouraging the children who had no self-confidence. It was amazing to see the progress some children made just in a short time. Some children who used to say I am not able to read this word or sentence, later just tried it and did very well. For me it was also a very important experience to learn how to deal with children who have a different culture and normally speak another language."