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Interview with our Volunteer Manager...

... Vanessa Randon

Vanessa Randon, our Good Hope Volunteers manager, has recently been interviewed by the international placement programme – GoAbroad, which is one of the largest placement agencies in the world for internships, volunteering and more.

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Tatiana and Bridget’s trip...

...  up the Garden Route

This October, Tatiana, our Sales & Marketing Manager who is based in Brazil and Bridget, our Volunteer Support Coordinator for Cape Town, took a drive up the Garden Route to visit the projects which we offer in this area. The focus of the trip was to visit the projects and meet the amazing staff which run them, as well as learn more about the interesting work that our volunteers help with. We also got to meet some of the volunteers that were at these projects at the time and hear from them first-hand about their experiences.

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Taking a moment...

... to smell the roses

It’s that time of the year again when the earth has returned from its 940-million-kilometer journey around the sun. In Cape Town and across Southern Africa, we are enjoying the first of the rays of Spring sunshine finding their way to the earth. Flowers have blossomed, the new leaves of young and old trees have begun to shoot and the city is alive with the vibrancy of bright greens. The sound of thousands of bees is buzzing through the air and the sweet smell of blossoms hangs over the country.

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Heritage Day

On the 24th of September every year, South African takes the day off and celebrate everything it is that makes us who we are. As a country with 57.7 million nationals of diverse origins cultures, languages and religions, we certainly have something to celebrate. Various events are set up throughout the country to commemorate our heritage, and all visitors are welcomed to join in the fun.

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Nelson Mandela...

... Day 2018

In 2009, the United Nations declared that Nelson Mandela International Day will be celebrated every year on July 18 (his birthday). The purpose of the day is to honour Mandela’s legacy and promote community service. But who was this man, this leader that inspired a nation, this dreamer who gave hope when all hope felt lost and who in the calm of humanity avoided war, civil unrest, violent change and freed a nation from archaic ideals which chained a country’s people to apartheid.

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Good Hope Volunteers has...

… a new Volunteer Coordinator

As we have been growing steadily and have had more and more amazing volunteers join us, we wanted to make sure that we can still provide them and you with the high standard of support that we have always given.

With this in mind, we would like to introduce our new Volunteer Coordinator Bridget Stallkamp to you. She joined us at the beginning of June and is eager to get stuck in and  learn the ropes from Vanessa. She has previously worked in the volunteer sector, so is looking forward to the new challenges of this role.

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2017: Fire along the...

... Garden Route

It was almost a year ago to the day that one of the most horrific fires this country has ever seen broke out along the Garden Route in South Africa. I was personally in the thick of things attending to volunteers trapped and affected by the raging blaze near Jeffery's Bay. These photographs show some of the scenes that welcomed us on the road to our volunteer projects in the area.

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What's up with...

... the weather?

As of the 13 June 2018 the City of Cape Town issued a massive storm warning for our beautiful city. Flash floods, mud slides, heavy snow on the mountains and hurricane level winds are due to bash this city in the next couple of days. But what does this mean for South Africans, for Capetonians, and for all of our international visitors?

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In the footsteps...

... of a Good Hope Volunteer

As the programme manager of Good Hope Volunteers I am rarely able to spend as much time on the ground with the volunteers, at our projects, as I would like. Our support coordinators around the country do an amazing job with the volunteers weekly, but I miss it very much. It’s the reason I love the work that I do. 

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Good Hope Volunteers becomes...

... a member of IVPA association

We are happy to announce that Good Hope Volunteers has become a proud member of IVPA International Volunteer Programs Association. IVPA is a nonprofit association dedicated to promoting awareness and access to quality volunteer abroad programmes. IVPA member organisations must uphold the IVPA’s Principles and Practices as guidelines for good programming as well as meet stringent membership criteria.

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What's new...

... at Good Hope Volunteers

Things are changing fast here at Good Hope Volunteers and we have a LOT to be proud of! To start with the GHV team has moved into their new offices in Newlands, a great space for the team, and a comfortable and welcome area for our new volunteers. All volunteers will be welcomed for their orientation here in Newlands, when they arrive through Cape Town.

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International guests and volunteers enjoy a fresh spring day...

... with the children of the Hout Bay Children's Programmes project

Imagine the moment when you staring at a child’s face trying to decide how they would like their face painted. Do you paint spider-man, the South African flag, perhaps some hearts and a flower? Can you actually do it? Are you able to draw whiskers and a nose, that would look good? Or is your masterpiece going to look awful!

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Hot Dog Day...

... Sponsored by Good Hope Volunteers

On Friday, 29 September, Good Hope Volunteers sponsored a Hot Dog Day. 200 hot dogs, 3 projects and 200 children fed!

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... Woman's Day 

Every year on the 9 August, South Africa celebrates women’s day. Women’s day marks a significant event in South African history. On 9 August 1956, 2000 women marched to the Union building in South Africa to protest against the pass laws that required women of colour to carry internal passports to maintain segregation.

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10 Questions you never knew to ask

... but wish you did about volunteering in Africa

Here are a couple of simple questions we sometimes get asked, and we hope this might help you on your next trip to South Africa, or during your planning. Some of them seem pretty obvious, some of them could save you a LOT of money and some of them are downright hilarious. Our team has answered ALL of them, believe it or not! See for yourself…

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Out of ...

... Ashes

During June 2017 the Garden Route of South Africa, hailed as one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the world, was all but ravaged by an enormous wild fire.

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Water everywhere...

... and not a drop to drink 

As of the 16th of March 2017 the levels of water in the dams surrounding the City of Cape Town are at an all time low. Heavy water restrictions are affecting the entire Western Cape Province and the community is holding their breath for the start of the life - giving winter rains.

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A week in the life of a...


Good Hope Volunteers is running a brand new and unique project, Photography Course. I (Naomi, Volunteer Coordinator at Good Hope Volunteers) had the opportunity to join the first ever one week course that offers an experience Cape Town through the lens of a camera. The course is a perfect mix of fun and work as you learn your way around a camera and Cape Town. You learn the basics of photography before going out into Cape Town to practice portraits, landscapes, social documentary photography and architectural photography.

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Fire in...

... Hout Bay

Good Hope Volunteers is proud to be part of the Imizamo Yethu community in Hout Bay. We support 2 children’s projects in the area, and our volunteers assist with school/teaching classes as well as after school care for the children at the Home of Hope. Children in the IY community are supported throughout the day by kind and nurturing staff and caregivers, and our volunteers are an integral part of this process. Volunteers assist with feeding, teaching, education and supporting the children, and they grow together, learning from each other as the days go on.

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The dark truth...

behind cub petting and circuses

A popular activity for both tourists and locals alike in South Africa is the petting and cuddling of cute lion cubs as well as visiting circuses. Being entertained by tricks and cuddling adorable lion cubs may seem harmless but the truth that lies behind these 'fun' excursions is a dark and twisted one. 

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Africa's big friendly giants...

get a break with China banning of ivory

Africa has our very own big friendly giants, the African Elephant. There are two sub species of the African Elephant, the Savannah elephant that lives in grassy plains and woodlands, and the smaller forest Elephant that prefers the equatorial forests of central and western Africa. African Elephants are the largest land mammals in the world, reaching up to 7.5 m in length, 3.3 m shoulder height and weighing in at 6 tonnes. Elephants organise themselves around a system of herds made up of related females and calves with males usually living independently or in smaller groups.

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Safe Haven...

... gives Atlantis a Christmas to remember

The Safe Haven Children Foundation is one of the projects supported by Good Hope Volunteers. Safe Haven was inspired by Kim Highfield's personal experience when her daughter was suddenly struck with cancer at 3 years old. Whilst her daughter was being treated at a children's hospital, Kim met many other parents who had come from all around the country with their children also affected by cancer. Kim realised the need for accommodation for these parents when one mother was raped after spending the night under a bridge near the hospital. The project began as a support system for sick children and their parent through offering accommodation throughout hospitalisation and recovery.

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Two Adrenaline activities... never knew you can do in South Africa 

South Africa is any travellers dreams, you have the BIG 5 and Table Mountain, both at the top of the to do list. But we have so much more to offer, especially if you love a little adrenaline.

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3 reasons...

...volunteer in South Africa

There are thousands of places in different countries around the world that need volunteers in order for their respective projects to continue running and inevitably become a success. So what makes South Africa a unique place for volunteers to offer their time and energy, and what could volunteers take away from this special country? 

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider volunteering in South Africa and how it could potentially change your life:

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6 reasons to skip vacation...

...  and go volunteering

I don’t know about you but for me living in 2016 and being on social media, I basically get wanderlust fever twice a day! 

If you are still wary about taking the next step, read on to find out why a volunteer trip may be a great option to cure your wanderlust.

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3 Things you can't miss in Cape Town

Must-Dos in Cape Town

Volunteering in a foreign country is an amazing and exciting experience, not only do you get to make a difference in someone else’s life, you also experience new cultures and cities, eat different food and enjoy new scenery! 

Here are 3 of the top experiences not to miss while volunteering in Cape Town.

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Rainbow of Languages

...South African Languages?

Ever wondered about the act that South Africa has 11 official languages? Here is a quick summary of our rainbow of language. 

While countries around the world usually have one or two official languages, We recognize 11 official languages as part of South Africa’s multi-cultural heritage.

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Skateboarding creating change in rural villages

Skateboarding creating change in rural villages 

Valley of a 1000 Hills is literally situated in a Valley with a 1000 hills in Kwazulu-Natal. Skateboarding is fast becoming an attractive activity amongst youths throughout South Africa as it's an expression of freedom without limits and boundaries.

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Remembering Magnificence

Remembering Magnificence

Our Namibia Wildlife Conservation project is by far one of our favourite projects – if I have to choose a few. The work they do is absolutely remarkable and makes a dramatic change in conservation of a wide range of animals. We recently learned of the loss of one of their Lions.

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