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Onward into 2020

A happy New Year to everyone! May it be a year of love, peace, joy and progress.

The last year saw over 300 volunteers through our doors with nearly ZAR 100 000 in donations made to various projects to help them grow, develop and expand the incredible initiatives they facilitate. Good Hope Volunteers has also grown with four new projects - Rural Schools Project, Scuba Diving Project, Wildlife Research Project and The Forgotten Five. We have extended our project options to Botswana and are planning projects in Mozambique for 2020. Our Game Reserve Conservation project saw five baby cheetahs and two baby giraffes in 2019. We thank all our volunteers for their time and devotion to the projects they volunteered at. We hope their experiences and the skills they have gained will serve them well in life.

On the business side of things we have made new South American and European agent partnerships and sponsored a children’s home and afterschool care center in Botswana. We also welcomed four happy groups (interns and volunteers) and expanded the GHV group products.

To be part of our amazing volunteer community, please contact us.

The Good Hope Volunteer Team

To be part of our amazing volunteer community, please contact us.

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